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Invoice Contract Policies – Refunds


Zilli Hospitality Group (ZHG) handles only its scope of services as reflected in the contract. ZHG is not responsible for services, product, rental items, etc. that clients contract with or procure from other vendors–such as, but not limited to, lighting, tenting, floral, chairs, etc.

Prices are subject to change. All food and beverage services, as well as additional contracted items, are subject to twenty percent (20%) coordination fee and sales tax. The sales tax rate is based on the county where the event is held.

A deposit of twenty five percent (25%) of the total estimated cost is required (based on estimated guest count at time of reservation) to book ZHG services for a specified date. The following payment schedule then applies:

Six (6) months prior to event date, a total of 50% of the estimated cost is due Three (3) months prior to event date, a total of 75% of the estimated cost is due Final payment is due 10 days before the event

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and are credited to event charges. Final payments must be made by money order, cashier s check or company check prior to event. If final payment is not received in advance of the event, ZHG will attempt to reach the client by phone, e-mail or letter. Please provide the name and address of a responsible contact person.

Social events: ZHG will not arrive at the event unless full payment is received in advance. Corporate events: All events require payment in advance of services unless previous arrangements have been made; balance is due within five (5) days of the event. Outstanding balances are subject to a 20% finance charge.

The final guest count is due fourteen (14) days prior to event. Once submitted the count may be increased but not be decreased. If increased, a 20% surcharge or $200 fee (whichever is greater) will be added to cover last minute expenses for the additional guests, in addition to the individual per person charge. If the final count is not submitted fourteen days prior to the event, the estimated guest count will be used as the basis for charges.

Zilli Lake & Gardens Coast and Miller Room: All floor plans, special requests and other arrangements must be finalized in writing ten (10) days prior to event. An additional charge may apply for last minute changes, additional equipment, early venue access, etc.


Once booked, if an event is cancelled 365 days or more from the event date, ZHG retains only the initial deposit; no additional payment is assessed. If the cancellation occurs within six (6) months to 364 days in advance, 50% of the total estimated cost must be paid and retained by ZHG. If the cancellation occurs less than six (6) months in advance, full payment for the event must be made and is retained by ZHG.

If a guest count decreases more than 50% from the original estimate, ZHG has the right to cancel the contract unless a higher price per person is negotiated to offset the loss of profit.


Due to health and sanitation laws, all excess food/beverage remains the property of ZHG. Food is donated to a local food bank which distributes it among local churches.


ZHG is not responsible for conditions created by an act of God during any event at any location. ZHG executes all events with utmost care but is not responsible for damage to the land and/or landscaping at the home or venue of the specified event done by our vehicles (or our associates vehicles), due to climate/weather conditions and/or when insufficient pavement and/or parking is available. This includes, but is not limited to, moist grass, wet soil, snow coverings, rainfall, etc.


ZHG will not assemble or handle floral decorations prior to or at the conclusion of the event unless the client has contracted their floral through Adorn a Touch of Zilli or has paid a handling fee for this service.

ZHG will not provide equipment or supplies to other vendors such as tape, extension cords, towels, cleaning supplies, carts, etc. Client must inform outside vendors to provide any/all necessary equipment needed.

ZHG will not conduct services that are not agreed to in advance of the event, such as lighting candles, arranging party favors/place cards/centerpieces/etc.

Miller Room: vendors are not allowed to park in the loading docks. Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

ZHG is not responsible for missing items/equipment from you or vendors such as linens, vases, cameras, screens, projectors, purses, cell phones, etc.

ZHG reserves the right to photograph and/or videotape events and event participants. ZHG is the owner of these items and may use them to promote future events. Client relinquishes all rights regarding photographs and/or videos.

Outside vendors may begin set-up ninety (90) minutes prior to guest arrival. Most venues do not allow exceptions. To request an exception, client must notify ZHG prior to event; additional labor charges may apply. Smoke/fog machines and/or confetti are not allowed at ZHG exclusive venues: Miller Room, Mitchell Park Domes, Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, Boerner Botanical Gardens, Grandview Inn and/or Zilli Lake and Gardens. These restrictions may apply at other venues where ZHG caters as well.

All events held at a private residence, park or offices are subject to a work area charge; this charge will include the cost of tenting, tables, lighting, etc. as necessary.

O Donnell campus (Coast & Miller Room)/North & South Gardens: A tent must be reserved for wedding/commitment ceremonies that occur on the same property as the reception venue, unless the guest count is less than 100 guests. If the guest count is less than 100 guests, a $250 ceremony on-site fee is assessed.

ZHG reserves the right to modify service start time and duration, when in the best interests of ZHG and the client, based on menu service and overall event preparation. An additional labor charge of up to $30.00 per hour per staff member will be assessed if serve time does not begin within thirty (30) minutes of contracted start time.

Client is charged at the food/beverage contracted price per person for all guests over the final count. Client may be charged for lost, stolen or broken china and/or equipment when actions are by persons other than ZHG employees.

Oral agreements must be put in writing prior to signing a contract. If agreements are not reflected on the contract or invoice, they are not guaranteed. Before signing any contract, thoroughly review all paperwork and ensure it is complete.


ZHG bartenders reserve the right to card and refuse alcoholic beverages to any guest without proper ID (no exceptions) or anyone who, in their opinion, has had too much to drink. ZHG does not provide [shot service]. It is against ZHG policy for parents to purchase alcohol for underage guests; if necessary, ZHG may close the bar to those guests and request the host’s support to enforce this policy.

ZHG strongly discourages alcoholic [party favors] such as champagne [splits] and must be notified in advance; consider wine/sparkling wine versus high alcohol liquors. Only gift-wrapped, un-chilled, sealed items may be distributed. No alcoholic favors may be given to intoxicated guests or those who have been [cut off] by ZHG staff during the event.

ZHG will serve an open bar for a maximum of six (6) hours at an event–and for no more than five (5) consecutive hours. To ensure this, ZHG strongly suggests closing the bar for 30-60 minutes during dinner.

All outstanding bar expenses including on-consignment items must be paid by credit card on the event date; a signed credit card authorization form must be on file in advance of the event.

Only Pepsi products may be sold at county facilities; Pabst products are prohibited at county facilities. (Note: Pabst Mansion is not a county facility, therefore Pabst products are allowed.)

ZHG reserves the right to determine the number of bar locations and bartenders based on experience and final guest count for the event.

Bartenders are paid [portal to portal]; that is, from the time they clock in to the time they clock out after the event (portal to portal). This includes time to pull the necessary product, load the truck(s), travel to the event location, unload product, set up the bar(s), break down bar (s), clean up and load product, travel back to original location and unload product.


Organizations requesting tax exemption must submit their Wisconsin tax exempt number prior to the event date. All federal, state and local laws with regard to food/beverage purchases and consumption shall be strictly adhered to.


ZHG requires a credit card on file in case of emergencies such as running a tab at an event or recovery of an unpaid bill. The client can still pay any unpaid balances with cash or money order.

When applicable, the signature of ________________________________________ for (Company)__________________________________ gives ZHG permission to transport and serve the contracted bar to the designated venue/facility.

The above agreement must be signed and authorized at 613 N. Grandview Blvd., Waukesha, WI 53188-2877 or 930 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202, when applicable.

By signing below, client knowingly and voluntarily agrees with all conditions, demands and charges stated within this contractual agreement and voluntarily agrees to be responsible for and to accept the charges stated within this agreement. If disputes arise under this contract, the forum will be Waukesha County or Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Name Accepted:

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