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Elena and Amit’s Personalized Kosher Wedding

Over the last four decades, we have seen a lot of Milwaukee couples with pre-wedding nerves. This is perfectly normal and not necessarily something we want to suppress. If your nervous energy comes from excitement and anticipation of your glorious wedding, then revel in it. But when nerves arise from worries or uncertainty, then our wedding planning team steps in fast.

Elena and Amit's Wedding at Boerner Botanical Gardens
Danielle Simone Charles Photography

Elena and Amit Take Comfort in Custom

When Elena and Amit met with their wedding coordinator, they quickly realized that we would be able to accommodate their requests with ease. We are one of the few Milwaukee catering companies that are able to customize every aspect of your wedding—what a relief for this couple that desired a Kosher wedding menu and personalized décor.

Settling in With a Relaxing Photo Shoot

Some Milwaukee couples come to the immaculate Boerner Botanical Gardens solely to take wedding pictures. And we don’t blame them—what a serene setting it is. So we were thrilled to hear that Elena and Amit wanted their immediate family to arrive early for photos.

In the hours before guests arrived, our experienced staff made sure Elena and Amit were able to relax while Danielle Simone Charles captured the love and joy felt between them as well as their supportive family members. What a perfect way to start their wedding.

Kosher Wedding at Boerner Botanical Gardens
Danielle Simone Charles Photography

A Delicious Kosher Welcome

At 4:30pm, the beautiful Boerner Hall started to fill with excited guests, and our Milwaukee catering team was more than ready for them. In addition to the refreshing cucumber infused water station, guests found a full hosted kosher bar that included:

  • Miller beer products
  • Red house wines
  • White house wines
  • Soft beverages
  • Juices
  • Bottled water

Guests enjoyed their drinks with an amazing array of tray passed hors d’oeuvres. In addition to the kosher smoked salmon sushi cakes our innovate chefs designed, we offered these creative small bites:

  • Asian chicken salad on wonton crisp
  • Grapes with a twist: sweet, crisp red grapes rolled in cream cheese with a hint of vanilla, and coated with finely crushed toasted almonds
  • Bite-size vegetable egg rolls with sweet & sour: miniature egg rolls served with side sauces of sweet and sour and hot mustard
  • Cocktail meatballs: hand-rolled freshly ground beef and onions with spices are baked then laced in our own zesty barbecue sauce

Rabbi’s Ceremony: Capturing the Joy

After guests had a chance to meet and greet and Elena and Amit signed their Jewish marriage documents, we knew it was time to pause the bar service so guests could turn their attention to the ceremony.

One of the reasons Elena and Amit chose the Boerner Botanical Gardens, among the many incredible Milwaukee wedding venues, was for its stunning Fragrance Garden. Personalized with Hubbah, this turned out to be the perfect ceremony site. We are glad that Elena and Amit loved the space so much that they planned a golden hour for photography—the pictures are filled with emotion and natural beauty.

The Gardens at Boerner Botanical Gardens on Wedding Day
Danielle Simone Charles Photography

A Delicious and Nutritious Kosher Dinner

Planning your wedding menu with us takes you to a land of endless opportunities for customization. We hear from many couples that browsing our wonderful sample menus is one of their favorite parts of wedding planning. Even couples knowing exactly what they want take away new ideas and inspiration for their personalized wedding menu.

Elena and Amit are a prime example of couples that come to us wanting a particularly unique and specific menu—in their case, a kosher one. Having witnessed a heartfelt first dance, guests took a seat to enjoy the custom dinner service that began with challah and margarine (a special request) and a delectable mesclun salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Our professional staff then kindly directed guests to the buffet to select from these delicious entrees:

  • Kosher stuffed chicken: with wild rice and garlic herbed mashed potatoes made with stock rather than dairy
  • Grilled salmon: with teriyaki sauce
  • Beef brisket: with cabernet and wild mushroom demi
  • Indian saffron pulav

When each guest paired these incredible main courses with grilled vegetables, Pan Asian crunch salad or maple quinoa salad, they enjoyed a nutritious and delicious dinner cooked with Elena and Amit’s vision in mind. For example, as a kosher event, all dairy was parve.

Celebrating with Sweets

As the evening continued, so too did the vivacious celebration. To keep up with the good times and electric energy that Sound by Design kept high, guests visited the bar as well as a coffee and dessert station that offered:

  • French roast regular and decaffeinated coffees
  • Chocolate covered strawberries: dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with imported white chocolate
  • Chocolate mousse votives: filled with creamy chocolate mousse and topped with shaved chocolate
  • Mini cupcakes: offered in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, per Elena and Amit’s request
  • Strawberry cheesecake cordials

To be sure the desserts really wowed guests, we provided a complimentary dessert library for this area. And it worked—they simply could not resist coming back for seconds. From passed hors d’oeuvres to artistic desserts, we treated guests to quite the delectable experience.

If you too would like to be surrounded by the beauty of the gardens and care of our experts at your wedding, then we invite you to join thousands of Milwaukee couples that are glad they chose to trust our creative and meticulous wedding planners.

Let our award-winning catering company make your wedding dream a reality—contact us online or on Facetime, or give us a call at 262.547.9447.

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