Great Event Catering in Milwaukee

Zilli Hospitality Group (ZHG) has been making your Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin catered events unforgettable for more than 40 years. Even after all of the catering & design innovation we’ve brought over the past four decades, one thing has always remained the same: to us, it’s still all about delivering really great details and giving you plenty of reasons to feel confident and excited about your event. We call this promise the “Zilli touch.”

Experience the “Zilli Touch”

  • Over the last 40 years, we’ve learned a lot about what you want from a caterer and have assembled the best teams in the city to help you create a successful experience. We are so proud to have brought together the most talented hospitality individuals to best serve you.

    Among our outstanding event planners, servers, bartenders and designers, we have the top culinary team in the region.

    Learn how we apply our signature “Zilli touch” to every element throughout the entire process, from planning to plating, and taste the extraordinary difference through your event’s menu.

  • Perhaps the comment we hear most often from our clients is that their experience with us was easy. Finding a venue, designing the look, choosing a menu, customizing the bar services, planning the details…between all of the components that go into a successful event, for clients to tell us that their event was so simple to plan means we reached our goal!

    Experience the “Zilli touch” in each and every element of your event’s planning, especially the details.

  • Clients and hosts appreciate having a professional take care of them, and we mean truly taking care of them. Our team has loved this industry for so long because we genuinely enjoy taking as much or as little direction our clients have and turning those visions into something that co-workers, family, friends and guests can’t stop talking about.

    Our team wants to bring you the happiest wedding memories, most successful corporate events and finest parties for all of your occasions and celebrations.

    Meet The Team
  • 01 Top Chefs
  • 02 Attention to Detail
  • 03 Excited, Experienced Team

Our Promise to You

Why do so many people in Milwaukee trust ZHG for planning, designing and catering their corporate events, weddings and special events? Here’s what our amazing clients will tell you when asked why they trusted us with their own events from the beginning:

My planner was always available to talk with me.

I saw ZHG’s previous event photos, and I pictured my wedding so clearly.

My husband’s work event (by ZHG) looked beautiful. I was sold.

My friend referred me after her own wedding, saying ZHG was “really fun.”

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